Mayors' Council of Oklahoma

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Membership Information

The 2017-18 membership drive for the Mayors Council of Oklahoma (MCO) is underway.

MCO was organized in 1991 as an organization of mayors and vice mayors from across Oklahoma who work together to promote the common goals of all Oklahoma municipalities. Since then, MCO has developed several programs to educate and encourage mayors, including:

· Oklahoma Mayor of the Year Award

· MCO/OML Municipal Government Day at the Capitol (March 2018)

· MCO Summer Conference

· MCO Congress of Mayors (Every January)

· Mayor Mentor Program

· “If I Were Mayor…” 8th grade essay contest (Winners recognized at Municipal Government Day)

· Certified Mayors Program

· Mayors On-Call at the Capitol Program

At the municipal level of government, we are constantly under attack from many fronts. We face increasing demands from our constituents for more services, better roads, water quality, police and fire protection, quality of life, while at the same time trying to balance our budgets with continual erosion of our revenue stream.

Our State government is reluctant to return much, if any, of the tax money that we send to the Capitol and even goes as far as to further erode revenues by increasing the number of special interest tax exemptions.

MCO and OML provide our best chance to level the playing field by using our collective voices to be heard by the state legislature. None of this can happen without YOU! Your support and participation are needed.

Also, have you have ever felt all alone with nowhere to go for answers to your municipal government problems? We have those answers for you. Not only will you be able to educate yourself to do a better job, you will have the opportunity to network with your own peers, which can shorten the learning curve in one of the most demanding jobs in the State.

As you all know, there is no course or class to teach you how to be a Mayor, but by joining this powerful network of resources, you will have a better chance of solving the most challenging of problems and issues.

Please consider joining this dynamic organization and let us help you reach your full potential as an Oklahoma mayor.

Best regards,

Kim Peterson

MCO President

Mayor of Guymon

Some of the reasons the Mayors' Conference of Oklahoma was formed are:

- Promote the general welfare of the cities and towns and their citizens;

- Endorse and support state and national policies and programs, which may be beneficial to the cities and towns and to oppose such as may be injurious to them;

- Foster or conduct, alone or in cooperation with others:  programs, research and other aids for the improvement and increased efficiency of city and town government;

- Cooperate with other levels of government in developing and conducting inter-local and intergovernmental activities with other entities involving the cities and towns, their officials, employees and citizens.

- Serve as the representative of cities and towns in carrying out the duties and prerogatives conferred on it by state law or otherwise;

- Initiate programs to further the administration, functions and benefit of municipal governments singly or acting jointly;

- Be a means for collective action by cities and towns in the exercise of their governmental functions.

- Do all other lawful things in the interest or welfare of the city or town governments, their officials, employees and citizens thereof;

- Provide a vehicle for collective action of the member cities and towns in the regulation of multi-jurisdictional issues affecting cities and towns.

- Develop and carry out programs of multi-jurisdictional cooperation between cities and towns to lessen the burdens of government;

- Continue the support of and active participation in the Oklahoma Municipal League.

      Sponsors  Oklahoma Mayor of the Year, two awards one for municipalities of less than 5,000, one for municipalities of 5,000 or more. 

·        Holds Spring Legislative Forum. 

·        Plans Summer MCO Mayor/Vice-Mayors’ Retreat for education and networking. 

·        Holds  Mayors’ Breakfast at the Oklahoma Municipal League Conference. 

·        Supports  research on municipal issues of interest to Mayors. 

·        Sponsors  Municipal Government Week.

·        Sponsors  Mayors’ Exhibit at the Oklahoma Municipal League Conference.